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iBooQ will make booking appointments smooth and safe – for companies and customers. For business owners, iBooQ will generate new customers by making finding and contacting easy, it decreases the administrative work, reduces no-shows and prevents misunderstandings between employees and clients. For Individuals, no wait loop on the phone or checking availability on homepages, and options to book appointments outside business hours. All you need to book an appointment on one platform – be that a hairdresser, a dentist, or any other service provider!

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PriQR is a smart and efficient generator customized to meet your needs. We made features that will help you make personalized QR codes that include links, locations, custom design, etc. Whether you are a business owner or an individual that needs QR code, we got you!

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Virtual Training Simulator (VTS) is an advanced technology simulator that enables the practice of the theory for efficient traffic regulation on the road using VR solutions. VR Solutions are complete software & hardware systems scaled to your needs. We can also make it customized for your business needs, not only for traffic regulations.

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E-learning is an interactive platform that enables customers to get the most out of their educational journey online. When developing interactive e-learning content, all aspects of distance learning were carefully analyzed and implemented, which take on a new form almost every day with the development of information and communication technologies, especially in the form of new multimedia and interactive elements and content.

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Software Development

We analyze your needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs.

UX/UI Design

As part of the UX/UI design, we create product structure and strategy, work on branding and graphic development, and many more.

E-Learning Development

Interactive learning is a modern working method that is suitable for use in different situations.

XR Solutions (AR, MR, VR)

We create all real-virtual environments and human-machine interactions that are generated by computer technology and wearables.

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