Thanks to iBooQ, clients can easily find the service they are looking for online and directly book an appointment, contributing to the overall client satisfaction.

Platforms: browser application
Industry: all industries that require the use of QR codes
Technology used: Vue.js; PHP/Symfony; MariaDB; Go; Python
Project length: 14+ months
Going Live: Second quarter 2022

iBooQ features allow you to organize your schedule efficiently and smoothly, reducing costs and attract new customers


  • Dashboard displays analytics related to your activity.
  • You can customize your dashboard and choose what you want to see from the analytics options.


  • Image having database with verified clients? Our clients options provide that for you!
  • Keep your clients’ profiles updated with the services they book, notes they write and many more.

Company/User profile

  • This is where your personal or business information will be stored and you can change it any time


  • Book, cancel, and reschedule your appointments.
  • Open several time slots and let the other side choose what fits their schedule.
  • Leave a note with appointment specifications

Staff management

  • Staff management is only suitable for business profiles.
  • Are you a business owner? Staff management allows you to have your employees’ information and availability in one place.


  • Through iBooQ, you will have the options to download and register for other apps using the same credentials.
  • Once you do verification, you may skip the same steps by connecting to other apps through addons/plugins option


  • Get informed about any changes related to your appointment.


  • Communicate with people.
  • Keep up with emergencies.


  1. Developing our services according to customer needs, and to engage continuously with the customers.
  2. Individuals using one application to book appointments with all the different service providers they need. 
  3. To enable individuals to find with priority securely identified service providers affiliated with associations (quality guarantee).
  4. Enable different levels of user identification, up to the level of secure digital identity.
  5. To enable booking appointments without verified personal information
  6. Enable customers to cooperate with each other independently of their user identification levels.
  7. Enable customers to disclose information details case by case in business interactions
  8. Book/change an appointment without calling,  with 3 – 5 clicks.
  9.  Protect data according to Swiss data protection law, and additionally enable data sovereignity for the customers.
  10. Companies receiving appointment requests from (new) customers, even if not registered
  11. Different industries have different needs for managing their appointments.

How we solved them

Needs of the customers were central to our approach. We went from face-to-face discussions, over systematic interviews, to extensive workshops with individuals and business owners – all these interactions have helped us to generate the iBooQ strategy. Clean-cut definition of work procedures allowed us to tackle the challenges with wire-framing and visualize the solutions in mock-ups. Implementing customers dialogue modules (e.g. “Suggest features”) will help us to stay customer-centric. 


Using approved and secure standardized technologies with an innovative approach (e.g. especially developed QR generator)  has allowed us to create appropriate technical solutions for the challenges.  .

To ensure data protection and data sovereignty for the customers is a key element of our strategy. By working closely with a legal counsel and using our smart-enviroment, we have been able to fulfill the strict requirements of the DSGVO and the Swiss data law, and we let the customers themselves decide what data they want to share with whom and when.