We produce customized QR codes for your needs. You can generate your custom designed QR code in any needed number. Small companies can benefit from our services as well as large corporations. But also, for private persons PriQR is valuable and affordable. You need to generate a quick QR code for your class, social media account, or anything that comes your way? We are here for you!

Platforms: browser application
Industry: all industries that require the use of QR codes
Technology used: Angular; PHP/Symfony; MariaDB; Go; Python
Project length: 10+ months
Going Live: Second quarter 2022

What does it mean to customize my QR code?

  • Add your own color palette
  • Add logo
  • Add background
  • Customize design
  • Add error correction
  • Keep up with your QR analytics
  • Track scans by date
  • Track scans by geography (city country)
  • Activate/De-activate QR Code anytime
  • Track scans by exact GPS location
  • Track scans by device information
  • Export scans data
  • Export scans data

How can QR codes help your business engagement grow?

It will take your audience and clients straight to the content you want to show. Direct and easy way to key information just by scanning the QR code. You will avoid hidden pages, multiple steps and impatient clients. Get in touch with us: we are happy to discuss the manifold applications of QR codes.

Keep your clients happy. Keep yourself efficient and organized. Use PriQR.


  1. With the constantly evolving technology, it was a challenge for our team to cover all applications of QR codes today.
  2. To design our QR code service as flexible and customizable as possible, to meet our customers’ needs. 
  3. To live up to our ambition: to create a QR code service for individuals, small and larger companies, in many different branches. The biggest challenge we had to overcome was to come up with solutions for every business or individuals in different situations.

How we solved them 

As it was difficult to include every possible option that came to our mind, our team decided to include the absolutely necessary options each QR code needs to have. Each person, whether it is for business, school, social account, or any other purpose, will have the opportunity to customize their QR code with design options, link, location, picture, video, and many more. Besides custom options, we also included analytics to keep track of how many people scanned your QR code!