There are manifold tasks in Facility Management. 321-Go! makes the different workflows more efficient, and allows for central management and monitoring.
Modules of 321-Go! in Facility Management (FM):

FM Tasks / Tickets

Via 321-Go! label and three clicks, employees send requests to the FM (e.g. to repair, clean or replace devices); a ticket is automatically generated for the responsible department.

Lending Reception

Go! label and just three clicks, employees can reserve and borrow equipment (e.g. projectors, adapters, etc.) from the reception desk. The reception desk always has an overview of all borrowed equipment on a dashboard, including information on exceeding the loan period, notification if the minimum stock level is not reached, etc.

Visitor Registration

Simple and quick registration of visitors via 321-Go! label, including identification, and acceptance of the company rules for visitors.


Use 321-Go! Labels to make internal or external information accessible to employees or visitors, for example on corona policy, behavior in an emergency, etc.

Further modules

Booking of Desks, (Meeting) Rooms, Parking etc; Inventory; Interactive emergency.


Manage and Monitor all activities!

Eliada Power-QR Solutions

321-Go! works with the unique 321-Go! labels developed by Eliada itself, which enable the user to send or receive role-appropriate messages in just three steps. 321-Go! digitizes many work processes, saving time and money!

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