Use 321-Go! in the different Business Areas of your hotel, to streamline workflows and facilitate interaction of guests and staff. For Room Service, House Keeping, Restaurant, Wellness, or for Marketing and Sales: Translate workflows into Digital with 321-Go!, and manage and monitor tasks over a central dashboard.
Module of 321-Go! in Hotel:

House Keeping

Guests and Employees can report to House Keeping any issue (need of repairing, replacing, cleaning etc) by scanning a QR Code , with just three clicks, generating a message / ticket to the responsible unit.

Reception Lending

Guests can reserve and lend items from reception by scanning a QR-codes, with just three clicks. On the Dashboard : Overview of all lent items, stock information, low stock alarm etc.


upload internal or external information, available for guests and employyes anytime via QR Code, e.g. Corona policy, Emergency information etc.

Further modules in preparation

Guests Transport ; Room service ; Booking of Rooms ; Booking of Parking, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants, Wellness etc; Inventory; Interactive emergency; Marketing & Sales


Manage and Monitor all activities!

Eliada Power-QR Solutions

With dynamic and interactive Power – QR codes, produced by Eliada’s own QR Generator, Power-QR Solutions make workflows more efficient and effective.

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