Use 321-Go! in the different Business Areas of your hotel, to streamline workflows and facilitate interaction of guests and staff. For Room Service, House Keeping, Restaurant, Wellness, or for Marketing and Sales: Translate workflows into Digital with 321-Go!, and manage and monitor tasks over a central dashboard.
Module of 321-Go! in Hotel:

House Keeping

Using the 321-Go! label with just three clicks, guests or employees can send requests to House Keeping (e.g. to repair, clean or replace appliances); a ticket is automatically generated for the responsible department.

Reception Lending

Via the 321-Go! label with just three clicks, guests can reserve and borrow equipment (e.g. adapters, ironing boards, etc.) from reception. The reception desk always has an overview of all borrowed devices on a dashboard, including information on exceeding the loan period, notification if the minimum stock level is not reached, etc.


Use 321-Go! Labels to make internal or external information accessible to employees or visitors, for example on corona policy, behavior in an emergency, etc.

Further modules in preparation

Guests Transport ; Room service ; Booking of Rooms ; Booking of Parking, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants, Wellness etc; Inventory; Interactive emergency; Marketing & Sales


Manage and Monitor all activities!

Eliada Power-QR Solutions

321-Go! works with the unique 321-Go! labels developed by Eliada itself, which enable the user to send or receive role-appropriate messages in just three steps. 321-Go! digitizes many work processes, saving time and money!

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