Thanks to iBooQ, clients can easily find the service they are looking for online and directly book an appointment, contributing to the overall client satisfaction.

Platforms: browser application
Industry: all industries that require the use of QR codes
Technology used: Vue.js; PHP/Symfony; MariaDB; Go; Python
Project length: 14+ months
Going Live: Second quarter 2022


  • Booking Appointments online

WHY For Private Persons

  • With just three clicks to your appointment
  • One app for booking appointments with Service Providers in any industry
  • Integrated Company Search Platform
  • Data protection


  • Private Persons; any Service Providers working with Customer appointments

WHY For Companies

  • Get new customers, with verified identity
  • Be more attractive for younger generations
  • Integration of iBooQ into existing scheduling systems
  • Exposure on Company Search Platform, show association membership
  • Dashboard for Managing and Monitoring

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