Transport is all about coordination. Use Power-QR Solutions to provide a reliable Transport Service for your customers and facilitate a smooth coordination for drivers and back office.
Modules of Power-QR Solutions for Transport Services:


Customers can generate a Transport Order by scanning Power-QR Codes


Assign a Transport Order to a Driver; Driver scans Power-QR Code in car when starting and ending a Transport job; Route on Google Traffic; Scan Power-QR Code to confirm vehicle ready for next job (cleaning / tank filling).


Checklist with Power-QR Code for all Transport equipment needed


Via Power-QR Code for drivers and guests about the Transport (time), external info

Further modules

Shift schedule; Marketing etc.


Manage and Monitor all activities!

Eliada Power-QR Solutions

With dynamic and interactive Power – QR codes, produced by Eliada’s own QR Generator, Power-QR Solutions make workflows more efficient and effective.

Employees or customers scan QR codes, and receive or send information with just a few clicks.

A dashboard allows administrators to centrally manage Power-QR solutions and monitor all activities. Configure QR-Codes according to your needs, and change the configuration any time. Permissions: Define different roles and usage rights, for instance for employees, guests or administrators.

Power-QR solutions: Translating Workflows into Digital – in any industry!

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Why Power-QR solutions?

Modular offerings: select only the modules you need
Customization: together with the Customer, Eliada analyzes existing workflows; our software is flexible and can be adapted to your needs
Integration into existing processes, via API
Data protection and safety: Own QR generator, Swiss Server, GDPR-compliant.
Eliada produces and delivers QR codes with your logo, on the material of your choice.
Attractive monthly licence fees – get in touch for a demo or a customized offer!
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