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Power-QR Solutions

Eliada Power-QR Solutions

With dynamic and interactive QR codes, produced by Eliada’s own QR Generator, Power-QR Solutions make workflows more efficient and effective.

Employees or customers scan QR codes, and receive or send information with just a few clicks, speeding up communication and processes.

A dashboard allows administrators to centrally manage Power-QR solutions and monitor all activities. Configure QR Codes according to your needs, and change the configuration any time. Permissions: Define different roles and usage rights, for instance for employees, guests or administrators. QR Codes will transport the specific information to enable quick interaction. 

We do supply QR Codes, with the brand and on the material of your choice, but Power-QR Solutions deliver far more than that: a complete redesign of working processes. 

Power-QR solutions: Translating Workflows into Digital – in any industry!

Why Power-QR solutions?

Modular offerings: select only the modules you need

Customization: together with the Customer, Eliada analyzes existing workflows; our software is flexible and can be adapted to your needs

Permissions and Roles: Define QR Codes usage rights according to different roles (e.g. Staff, Customers, Guests)

Configuration of QR Codes: Define and change the function of the QR Codes anytime, by scanning the QR Code, or by using the dashboard tool.

Integration into existing processes, via API

Data protection and safety: Own QR generator, Swiss Server, GDPR-compliant.

Eliada produces and delivers QR codes with your logo, on the material of your choice.

Attractive monthly licence fees – get in touch for a demo or a customized offer!

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