Updating Work Processes in Your Industry

321-Go! enables a quick and targeted transition from the analog to the digital world – wherever necessary. Customers, employees or guests receive and send precise, relevant information. Reach your communication target in just three clicks – thanks to 321-Go!


What is 321-Go! ?

Areas of application

Where 321-Go! can be used?


Why working with 321-Go! is beneficial


321-Go! digitizes work processes and makes them efficient. Employees, customers and guests can send or receive information in just three steps.

The unique 321-Go! labels are loaded with specific content that allows different actions depending on the employee’s needs and role – always with just three clicks. At the same time, the manager can control and monitor the activities in the desktop suite.

We have already developed a number of modules (e.g. ticketing, lending, visitor registration, security tour, checkroom lockers, information, etc.) and more modules are in the pipeline, all of which make workflows efficient and smooth.

321-Go! is an independent development of the Swiss IT start-up Eliada. The data is stored exclusively on encrypted Swiss servers.

321-Go! can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes and can be used in many industries.



Areas of application

Booking & Lending
Visitor Registration
Emergency & Evacuation
Ordering & Paying
Notifications & Reminders

There are manifold tasks in Facility Management. 321-Go! makes the different workflows more efficient, and allows for central management and monitoring.

Use 321-Go! in the different Business Areas of your hotel, to streamline workflows and facilitate interaction of guests and staff. For Room Service, House Keeping, Restaurant, Wellness, or for Marketing and Sales: Translate workflows into Digital with 321-Go!, and manage and monitor tasks over a central dashboard.

Transport is all about coordination. Use 321-Go! to provide a reliable Transport Service for your customers and facilitate a smooth coordination for drivers and back office.

321-Go! Benefits


Saves money, saves time, «three clicks»-principle


Resource efficient, supports circular economy

Barrier free

Web-based, works with any device


Intuitive use


Management and overview of activities in Desktop Suite


Further development according to customer needs


Supports other systems via our own API


Data on Swiss server, GDPR compliant


Setup based on customer needs


Delivery of specifically designed QR codes on material of customer’s choice

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