E-Learning is an interactive digital way of learning things without having to attend in-person classes, orientations, training, etc. We provide a 360 degree panorama view that will perfectly suit your training and orientations if you need to show where exactly things are positioned. We make quizzes and tests available through virtual tours and ongoing lessons.

Platforms: browser application
Industry: industries that require practical training
Technology used: iSping Suite, Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Story Line

The technologies we use to create e-learning.


Create virtual reality walkthroughs and courses for mobile devices.


We develop custom, interactive courses that work sensationally on any device.


Great mobile e-learning starts with a simple PowerPoint presentation.


Offer interactive courses on any device - without changing anything.


There were several challenges that we encountered along the way. The major one in this digital world is transforming something that can be perceived as dull and boring into an amazing, interactive and interesting digital experience. This ties to another challenge which is the motivation of our target audience. We all know that online learning cannot keep our attention all the time and we easily get distracted. The next challenge, probably the toughest one for our development team, was staying up to date with modern technology. During the development of e-learnings for several companies, we had a challenge to overcome when it comes to generalizing the training e-learning that is adaptable to all generations. Lastly, one of the biggest challenges of e-learning is transforming the knowledge from the paper form, familiar to all of us, to a digital form of learning that requires another level of interaction, way of holding attention full time, and knowledge check.