QR codes, already invented in 1994 in Japan, are today more popular than ever, and not only in marketing. Touchless digital interaction is much in demand in times of the pandemic. Power-QR exploits the full potential of QR codes, and makes workflows more efficient and safe, using QR codes in many different application fields. Our solutions are interactive and dynamic, comprising situational promotions, and enabling the  administration and monitoring of QR codes on a dashboard.

Platforms: browser application
Industry: all industries that require the use of QR codes
Technology used: Vue.js; PHP/Symfony; MariaDB; Go; Python
Project length: 5+ months
Going Live: Second quarter 2022

Power-QR can offer solutions for companies in many different industries; good examples are Hotels, or Facility Management.


Power-QR – exploit the potential of QR codes to optimize workflows

  • Internally developed QR code generator v2.0 with encrypted data on our Swiss server
  • The interactive use of dynamic QR codes facilitates communication
  • Digitize workflows and make them safe, efficient and ecological
  • Application field: reception, restaurants, room service, wellness, facility management, emergency and security, etc.
  • Manage and monitor Customer journey
  • Customize promotional activities
  • Central dashboard to manage deployment of QR codes with specific permission rights
  • Automated QR code usage statistics


  1. Differentiated permission rights: Enabling reading or interaction rights according to the specific role of the users
  2. Registration process and use of QR codes need to be as simple as possible
  3. QR codes generate data: to strictly observe the current data privacy rules
  4. QR codes need to transport different information per location, time and user ; complex rules in the background, simple application for users and administrator
  5. Interactive QR codes : triggering activities, integrating them in and adapting workflows
  6. Integrating an inventory in QR code use cases and adapt workflows
  7. Integrating situative promotion options in QR code use cases.
  8. Enabling active administration, monitoring and evaluation of QR codes: to create a well-arranged dashboard.

How we solved them 

Discussing existing workflows for instance in Facility Management, or in Hotels, with respective managers has allowed us to identify situations where QR codes can optimize workflows, and make them more digital. We also understood that e.g. hotel guests and staff can both benefit from the immediacy and dynamic of QR codes, but their needs may be very different in the same location. One QR code needs to hold different information levels according to the role of the users. Close cooperation with our legal counsel, a data privacy specialist, makes sure that we always adhere to current data privacy laws.